During these 10 years Eu-Trade acted as host organization and successfully handled more than 100 projects funded by the European Union as the "Leonardo Da Vinci", "Erasmus" and "Grundtvig". Participation in the projects has allowed the staff to Eu-Trade treasure the past experience, acquire skills more and provide high quality services to our participants. At the same time, we have created a solid and reliable network of local partners in Vilnius that ensures the beneficiaries of the apprenticeship projects of high quality and jobs relevant in different fields: ICT, courses in foreign languages, logistics, general administration, social assistance, agriculture, food industry, tourism, architecture, accounting, graphics, chemistry, robotics, engineering, marketing, human resources, etc.

Great importance is given also to the validation and certification of skills acquired through European instruments of transparency as the systems of credits ECVET ( European credit system for vocational education and training ), ECTS (the European credit transfer and accumulation system ), Europass etc. These tools provide to our participants that the skills and qualifications acquired with us are recognized at national and European level in all educational systems and in the labor market at the international level. Eu-Trade offers service and complete service taking into account the needs of the participants and it instructs the following aspects:

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