JSC Valuetech

ValueTech is a company of System Integration & Technology, which was born with the purpose to provide business services of high quality, specialist and with technological advanced expertise. The objective of VT is to transform knowledge into value for customers, for their own community and for the financial markets. Integrity, transparency, independence and objectivity are the values that guide the conduct of our business and to deliver high quality services. The company places in the center of his being the design and construction of software according to two lines of business: - The development of projects "enterprise" for large companies; - The creation of solutions SaaS (software-as-a-service).


An institution committed to facilitate the international mobility of people and the internationalisation of firms of the Baltic Sea region. MEC Baltic aims to enhance the international mobility such as to allow the creation of economic synergies in the future relations between the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea, for this purpose, the Society is engaged in the development of programs of placement throughout Europe, works as a host organization of the beneficiaries of European stock exchanges and provides advice to the young people who want to study abroad. In addition, to sell one of its main objectives the promotion in Italy and Spain in the Baltic States, the MEC Baltic develops cultural activities and organizes italian and spanish language courses in order to promote the knowledge and the dissemination of the Mediterranean culture in the Baltic region.

JSC Tercialia Baltic

A real estate company active in the development and management of buildings.

JSC "Gudri at"

A company of web design implementation that operates in the international arena. Objective of the company is to create applications for the web designers and developers of projects, allowing a quick and easy access to the visual feedback from the customers.
place to live

JSC "CodeIn"

Also known as "the place to live", is an institution in which you can find all the information on real estate . The company collects and it tables all the various information from different suppliers in order to create a "Open data". Aim of the project is to help owners, sellers, buyers, tenants, brokers, credit institutions, property handlers to make intelligent decisions relating to buildings.

JSC "InSpe "

JSC "InSpe " and a study of advertising , which provides the broadest range of advertisiment services in Lithuania with g an exceptional experience working in various projects of advertising and communication with partners in the EU.
vilnius lifi style

JSC Vilnius Life style

Communication company specializing in projects of public relations and events organization. The Company takes care of the needs of the customer and all aspects of the cycle of the event with a special and refined personal touch.

JSC "Globay"

Guide in logistics solutions for Europe and Asia. Reliable, responsible and technologically advanced, this supplier of logistics is responsible for the chain Automotive, producers, distributors and resellers in the field of road and rail services for Europe and Asia. They have a reputation for quality, performance and value for money.
grumo lietus

MOST "Gerumo Lietus"

MOST "Gerumo Lietus" is a football club was founded in 2008 as amateur football - Vilniaus Storm. In 2011 Club decides to establish its football school with its own name. Currently, the school has various age groups, actively form over 100 children of talent. In 2012 the students of football schools have participated in football leagues district Vilnius and various football tournaments Lithuanian and International proving a great success.

JSC "Soundest"

An agency of digital marketing with focus on performance. The company specializes in integrating and directing the means of direct communication, social and web channels so as to connect the large companies with customers.

MOST SOS Children's Village

MOST SOS Children's Village is an organization that seeks to offer a family to the children in need, helps their aa shape their own future and we are here to share the development of their community . The organization works for children , who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are not able to care for them and give these children the chance to build lasting relationships within a new family.
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